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Complaint Form (English)

  1. Port Arthur Transit ADA Complaint Form
  2. Complaint Process
    Persons who have experienced or witnessed an alleged action, by the Port Arthur Transit (PAT) ADA Paratransit Program, that is objectionable to the Section 504 Regulations and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, may use the following steps to register their complaint:
  3. 1. A complaint must be filed, in writing, with the general manager of Port Arthur Transit within thirty (30) days of the alleged action. An investigation of the facts presented will be conducted, with proposed actions to resolve the complaint. The complainant will be notified concerning the recommended resolution.
  4. 2. Should the complainant unsatisfied with the proposed resolution, he/she may contact a representative of the ADA Advisory Committee. The ADA Advisory Committee will send a written determination, stating its decision and the reason for it, within ten (10) working days of receiving the complaint, to the complainant and PAT Management staff.
  5. 3. Should the complainant not be satisfied with the ADA Advisory Committees proposed resolution, he/she may contact the City of Port Arthur City Manager, within ten (10) working days after receiving an unfavorable decision on the complaint. The City Manager will forward a written decision, within fifteen (15) working days, to the complainant, Port Arthur Transit, the Office of Civil Rights within the Department of Transportation (DOT), and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) – Region VI for further action and determination.
  6. 4. The Complainant has the right to make a written appeal, at any time within sixty (60) days, of the alleged discrimination to DOT/FTA. If either party wished, the appeal may be presented in the presence of a third party mediator from the Public Service Sector or any other service agency.
  7. 5. Should the complainant not be satisfied with the City of Port Arthur/Department of Transportation/Federal Transit Administration determination, the complainant may file private action in Federal District Court.
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  12. This form may be submitted via email or printed and delivered to City of Port Arthur/Transit PO Box 1089, Port Arthur, Texas 77641
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