1. What type of housing programs do you offer?

Emergency, minor, full rehabilitation and demolition and reconstruction assistance is provided to qualified low-moderate income homeowners who reside in their homes. New construction of homes is provided for qualified residents if the cost of rehabilitating the home is prohibitive. These services are offered as forgivable deferred payment loans to qualified homeowners. Under certain conditions, this means that as long as you reside in your home you will not have to make any payments on the loan and a percentage of the loan will be forgiven each year until the loan is paid in full and forgiven. Please contact the Housing and Neighborhood Revitalization Division at 409-983-8259 for more information.

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1. 1. What type of housing programs do you offer?
2. 2. How do I qualify for assistance?
3. 3. What are the income limits?
4. 4. Do I need to have good credit to get assistance?
5. 5. Who decides what type of work needs to be done?
6. 6. Can I apply for assistance more than once?