How do I file a police report?

If a crime is in progress, dial 911 immediately for officer assistance.

If you need to file a police report after a crime has been committed, you may call us on our non-emergency line at 409-983-8600 and press "0" for dispatch to have an officer meet with you at your location within the city limits.  You may also come in to the police department during normal business hours and speak to the front desk officer.  If an officer is not on-duty, you may pick up the phone located in the lobby to be directed to dispatch, who will then have an officer meet you in the lobby.

In some cases, Online Reporting can be a better and more timely option for reporting certain crimes.

Please note that Dispatch does not monitor the Port Arthur Police Department Facebook page.  Please do not use Facebook to report a crime or information relating to a crime. Please call Dispatch to speak with an Officer.

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