Citizen Ride-Along Program

The Port Arthur Police Department Ride-Along Program provides an opportunity for interested people to voluntarily accompany uniformed patrol officers and to observe law enforcement activities to better understand the problems of policing. Every citizen has a right to learn about their police department and the services it provides. Riding with an officer is an excellent learning experience for both the citizen and officer. 

Click this link for the required Ride-Along Request forms that will need to be completed before being considered as an approved Ride-Along, including:

Appendix A
Ride-Along Request Form
Appendix B
Release and Waiver
Appendix C
Required Procedures for Ride-Along
Appendix D
CJIS Ride-Along Training Acknowledgement Form (Please click this link for the CJIS Ride-Along Training booklet that is required before completing this form.)

Please print the forms and sign the original copies.  If you download the forms, they are fillable PDF files.  

Bring the completed forms to the Port Arthur Police Department where they will be processed. 

Note:  If the applicant is under 18 years of age, the parent will need to sign Page 2, Release and Waiver, in the presence of a Notary Public.