Vendor Guidelines

The Vendor Community can assist the Purchasing Division in complying with state laws and regulations by:
  • Following ethical business practices and procedures by working within the purchasing process, treating other vendors fairly and respectfully, not colluding or offering kickbacks.
  • Providing goods and/or services as specified and on time.
  • Completing and returning required forms, bid documents, affidavits and conflict of interest questionnaires.
Breach of any one of the aforementioned responsibilities is grounds for the City's Purchasing Manager to declare the vendor irresponsible. This designation will bar that vendor from recommendation for any contracts and removal from the qualified bidder's list.

Additional Guidelines

  • Please call ahead for appointments whenever possible.
  • Refrain from social calls, your time is valuable.
  • Make sure we have current catalogs and pricing, or access to your website with this information. It is mutually beneficial for us to be kept up to date on new ideas or products.
  • Recognize our limitations regarding authority. A purchase order is issued only after compliance with federal, state and local laws. Do not proceed with any work or purchase any materials until you have received a purchase order number.
  • Direct all solicitations to the Purchasing Division prior to visiting a specific City department. This will ensure that you will be directed to the appropriate person within the department as needed.
  • Conduct your business openly and frankly. As a public agency, our records are a matter of public record.
  • Quote realistic delivery dates (in calendar days).
  • Honor all pricing, delivery, and service agreements as quoted.
  • Maintain City policy regarding gifts or favors. No City employee may accept any gifts or favors. The best favor you can do is to see that the City receives the best price, quality and service.
  • Please call us if you have any questions 409-983-8160.