Purchasing Guidelines

Purchases Exceeding $1,000

All purchases exceeding $1,000 require competitive quotes (unless a valid exception is taken). A minimum of 3 quotes is preferred. (Professional Services are exempt from this requirement).

According to §252.0215 of the Texas Local Government Code, the City, in making an expenditure of more than $3,000 but less than $50,000, must contact at least 2 HUBs on a rotating basis, based on information provided by the comptroller.

Quotes and bids/proposals must be submitted in written form and signed by the vendor. Quotes can be transmitted via fax, regular mail or by email.

At a minimum, informal quotes and proposals should be submitted by the vendor on company letterhead and must contain an adequate description of the item or services, an itemized cost with a not to exceed contract amount and a time for delivery or completion of the work.

Purchases Exceeding $50,000

Purchases estimated to cost over $50,000 require sealed written bids according to Chapter 252 of the Texas Local Government Code. All formal ITBs, RFPs and RFQs are advertised in the Port Arthur News and posted on Public Purchase as well as the City's website. Formal, sealed bids must be submitted to the following:

If Mailed

City of Port Arthur

City Secretary

P.O. Box 1089

Port Arthur, TX 77641

Overnight Mail or Hand Delivered

City of Port Arthur

City Secretary

444 4th Street, 4th Floor

Port Arthur, TX 77640