Human Resources

We are committed to pursuing excellence each day as we serve over 650 city employees, 200 plus retirees and numerous members of the public each day.

  • Compensation and Reclassification
  • Benefits
  • Employment/Onboarding
  • Employee Relations
  • Dental and Medical
  • Risk Management
  • Civil Service Compliance
  • Training & Organizational Development (Supervisory & Leadership Development training programs)
  • Testing and Validation
  1. Mission
  2. Vision
  3. Core Values
  • Onboard, attract, develop and retain a diversified workforce of skilled, competent employees
  • Provide a competitive and attractive benefits and compensation package for employees
  • Cultivate an organizational culture that ensures accountability, safety, employee wellness, and a healthy work environment
  • Implement human resource policies and practices in an ethical, consistent, and respectful manner


Onboarding is a structured process, lasting anywhere between three and six months that positions new employees with the organization's vision, strategies, goals and culture.

Our goal is to create a more welcoming experience for newly hired employees that successfully acclimates them to the company. This process will leave a positive impression, and help attract, develop and retain talent.